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Renovations & New Builds

Bilingual builders
Property Renovation Provence
Property Renovation france
Garden Design Provence
bilingual builders South of France
Property Renovation Provence
Builders france
Constriction South of France
Builders Provence
 ● Full Restoration
 ● Bathrooms 
 ● Kitchens Redesign 
 ● Barns Convert 
 ● Landscape Design 


  House Construction
 ● House Extension
Our aim is to provide peace of mind through excellent service, whilst delivering the best possible outcome for your home construction project. Our service is personalised and discreet and geared to your needs and interests. We help our clients eschew the potholes of renovating or searching for property in France therefore saving you time, stress and money.
With over 15 years experience living and working in Provence, we provide a full project management, design and property search service. Our team consists of Project Managers fluent in French, Architects, Designers,  Pool designers and builders, all of whom are at your disposal where needed.
Renovating or extending your home is one of the most significant projects most people will undertake.
The rewards of a successful home renovation or extension project speak for themselves - a beautiful new home, more space for your family or that extra room you've always dreamed of. We actively manages your home renovation to make sure that the end result is what you need the costs stay within your budget - a great result, on-time and with no nasty surprises.
It's about using common sense to get the most out of the existing building by clever re-utilisation of spaces and cost effective building techniques whilst balancing the issues of environment, family space, resale value, lifestyle and cost. 
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