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Guest Services

Should you wish to rent your home in your absence, we can manage your guests and ensure that your home is prepared for their arrival, in good condition when they leave and ready for the next visitors. 



Once you have confirmed a guest booking, notify us. Two weeks before your guests arrive we contact them and schedule an arrival time to greet them.



We will welcome your guests at your home at the agreed time and show them through the entire property detailing all the amenities and your house guidelines. We will ensure they know how to manage all aspects of your home and feel at ease.



Given the global nature of visiting guests, we will manage their varying expectations, complaints and requests. We are on call to provide them, as needed, with recomendations for everything from restaurants to doctors, from yoga classes to local attractions.



Given the back-to-back booking of vacation rentals in the summer, changeover cleaning must be managed with great precision. Guests check out by 10 am and the new guests check in by 4pm. This means your home needs to be fully cleaned, prepared and inspected prior to the arrival of your next guests.  



Although with rental property basic wear and tear must be accepted, an essential aspect of Home Management is the End of Stay Inspection. This is to ensure there has been no significant damage. Once this has been completed to our satisfaction, we notify you so you can arrange the return of your guest's security deposit.





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